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C.R.I.M.E 1-2-3

Criminal Related Interviewing made easy


DATE: Monday, October 1, 2012

TIME: 8 AM - 5 PM



502 Cleveland Blvd

Walker, MN 56484

RESORT:  888-242-7306
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NON-MEMBER: $95.00 - Group Rates Available

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C.R.I.M.E.  1-2-3

Criminal Related Interviewing Made Easy

The most effective “One Day” interviewing and interrogation seminar created.


This dynamic 8 hr. course is specifically designed to prepare all detectives, investigators, agents, supervisors, gang officers and uniformed patrol officers to become effective interviewers and be consistently successful in obtaining difficult confessions.  From new officers to experienced detectives, you will learn to easily separate the interview and interrogation process into three easy steps.  Each step provides simple and straightforward “how-to’s” that will allow you to get a confession in any venue or circumstance.

In one intense, interactive training day, C.R.I.M.E. 1-2-3’s expert, approachable instructors will provide each attendee with easy-to-understand tools that have been used and perfected on hard-core criminals for nearly two decades.  This will be the most exciting and realistic interview class you have ever attended.

No more time-consuming and expensive courses that teach complex interrogation “tactics” that have more steps than you can remember during a stressful interview.  Build self-confidence, learn what to do in a variety of circumstances and become a truly great interviewer. 

C.R.I.M.E 1-2-3 is here. So get in, get it and get out.


Blocks of instruction will include:

Real interviewer preparation, Time management, Know your suspect, Set the stage for success, Proper introductions and face time, Recognize and Utilize your strong points, Physical and verbal considerations, Homicide preparation and legal aspects, Choosing “your” interview technique, Closing the confession, Morals and the media. 


Unique Case Studies and Video examples:  Law Enforcement Only







Domenic Cappelluti  CFI, is a veteran street cop with the Waukegan (Illinois) Police Department and Group Supervisor (Ret.) of the elite Lake County Major Crime Task Force (Illinois).  With over 16 years of experience Domenic has specialized in high profile violent street crimes, to include homicides, murder for hire cases on gang and drug officers, and officer involved shootings.  During his career, Domenic has worked in patrol, and avidly supervised the Criminal Investigations Division and the Gang Suppression Unit.  Domenic has proudly conducted and directed hundreds of gang and drug related operations throughout his County and the Chicago metropolitan area targeting Chicago based street gangs.  He is fluent in Spanish and Italian and has successfully conducted thousands of interviews and interrogations in Spanish with today’s Hispanic street gang members. 

Having personally been targeted in a large scale murder for hire plot, Domenic has been an intricate part in receiving federal funding and working with members of Congress to establish a clear understanding of the war against gangs.  He has dedicated his career to combating Freedom of Information Act violations, protecting officers’ rights and the work quality of experienced interviewers from the mirage placed on society from today’s media bias.


Domenic is a nationally recognized lecturer for his vast experience in interviewing and interrogation, homicide and gangs.  He has testified as an expert witness in interviewing and interrogation and homicides across numerous states.  Domenic is the recipient of numerous prestigious awards for his accomplishments.  He has been honoured by his police department, the State of Illinois, Congress, and numerous newspapers for his efforts.  In fact, The Chicago Tribune named him one of "30 most successful professionals under 30".


Domenic passionately teaches law enforcement officers and Federal agents across the United States and is one the creators of the Gang Combat Dynamics series, Criminal Related Interviewing Made Easy (C.R.I.M.E. 123), Investigating Gang Homicides, Testifying in High Profile Cases and much more.  Still working the street today, Domenic's teaching technique and fresh approach always make for an enjoyable class and a great experience!



Note from Kevin C. Stoffel,

Coordinator, Arrowhead Region Law Enforcement Training

Domenic is a fantastic and entertaining instructor who delivers this subject matter in a dynamic and easy to understand format.  Make every effort to attend!